1. Koi.S.P.E. of the 1st district of Attica "Diaplous" - www.diaplous.eu
  2. Koi.S.P.E. of the 3rd district of Attica "Climax Plus" - www.koispe.org
  3. Koi.S.P.E. of the 5th district of Attica "Heliotropio" - www.koispehliotropio.gr
  4. Koi.S.P.E. of the 6th district of Attica "Eikona" - www.imatzine.gr
  5. Koi.S.P.E. of the 9th district of Attica "Ef Zin" - www.koispe-euzin.gr
  6. Koi.S.P.E. of the 10th district of Attica "Diadromes" - www.koispediadromes.gr
  7. Koi.S.P.E. of Arta - Preveza
  8. Koi.S.P.E. of the district of the Achaia Prefecture "Pharos" - www.koispeachaias.gr
  9. Koi.S.P.E. of the West Salonica district - www.koispe-thess.gr
  10. Koi.S.P.E. of the Dodecanisos district - www.koispe.gr
  11. Koi.S.P.E. of the Corfu district "Neoi Orizontes" - www.koispekerk.gr
  12. Koi.S.P.E. of the Kefalonia - Zante district "Rota" - www.rotasocialcoop.gr
  13. Koi.S.P.E. of the Pieria prefecture district
  14. Koi.S.P.E. of the Phokida prefecture district "GIannis Volikas" - www.koispefokidas.gr
  15. Koi.S.P.E. of the Chania district - www.koispechania.gr
  16. Koi.S.P.E. of the Chios district  "Orion" - www.kspechios.gr
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